Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Christmas Festivities

 We had a busy weekend in the Wheat household this weekend. Saturday Robert and I spent most of the day at the church helping to get ready for the ward Christmas party, while my parents watched our kids. Then we had our ward Christmas party that evening and my brothers and cousin came to help with the kids as well so we could do stuff during and after the party.

We had a photo booth (above), a magician (Micah and Julia are together in the middle of the picture here), short Christmas message...

...then the kids sang Silent Night. Julia almost sang a solo because the first time through the kids were suppose to hum the tune, but she was so excited to sing she was belting it out all on her own until a boy came and told her to hum. Robert said he was disappointed she stopped! Micah was up there too, but after a minute he got bored and tried to climb under the table, then came and saw me. After they sang the bishop spoke and then introduced a special guest...

Santa! Julia was excited to tell Santa what she wanted (roller skates).

 Micah was excited to tell him too (a monster truck), but shyness got the better of him and he didn't want to look up at the camera or at Santa, so he told the fireplace what he wanted for Christmas.

 Camden was super excited and hyper to be line with a whole bunch of other kids, until we got close to Santa and I pointed him out to Camden. Then he got really quiet and serious wondering just what exactly was going on with the scary looking guy in front of us. As soon as I put him on Santa's lap he burst into tears.

He cheered up once we got to the dessert table. All the pictures were taken by a volunteer photographer from the ward. He walked past Camden and said, "Oh, that is adorable. Can I take his picture?"

Sunday morning Julia and I and my parents went to Music and the Spoken Word with guest performer Santino Fontana (voice of Prince Hans from Frozen), followed immediately by a mini-concert with the same performers plus the Muppets! It was pretty cute, but a little too early for Julia. I had to wake her up to get there in time and she was a little grumpy about it. 

Afterwards we sped back to our church building in Draper and Julia gave her first talk in Primary on 
following Christ's example.

Then this evening Robert's Mom flew into town and joined us for our traditional car drive looking at Christmas lights. We stopped at Draper Park for a few minutes to look at their uber lighted tree now dubbed the "Tree of Life" by Mormons in Utah. Then we continued on to look at the neighborhood lights and ended up at the Draper Temple, which you can just barely see off in the distance here (it looked a lot bigger from here in real life).

Robert carrying Julia and Mom Wheat carrying Camden silhouetted in the light of the tree.

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