Friday, December 26, 2014

Paris Food

I loved seeing all the quintessential French food around Paris. Robert thought I was a little crazy stopping in the middle of the walkway to take most of these pictures. I was just super excited to see...

a Fromagerie (cheese stand)!

a Boulangerie (bakery)!

With beautiful macaroons. This was the first time I saw macaroons, but we saw them all over.

Escargot (snails)! Tastes like chewy garlic and butter.

Eating a baguette for breakfast. The church behind me is the Elgise Notre-Dame at Versailles, built in 1686 by command of Louis XIV. No biggy ;).

Sunday we set off to find a patisserie (bakery specializing in pastries) the concierge suggested and instead ran into a large Sunday market. I loved seeing the fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers,

...and the dead plucked chickens with decorative feathers still attached

and hanging upside down.

Variety of mushrooms

The Fromagier where we got some cheese for breakfast. We never did find the patisserie.

My breakfast from the market.

Robert enjoys his port salut cheese and croissant.
Nutella filled donut.

And finally, a "hot dog." I like how even the hot dog is french- on french bread covered with cheese.

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