Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas Morning

Looking down at the Christmas tree, stockings, presents, and lack of cookies. "I think Santa ate the cookies!"
"Santa knew I wanted a train!" (He also left some larger gifts for her at home in Arlington that she found when we got home. Santa knows big tubs of legos don't fit in suitcases, but small train sets do.)

After playing with her train a little she moved on to her stocking, and then my stocking, and grandpa's stocking, and Robert's stocking.
She took everyone's candy cane they got in their stockings and put them on the Christmas tree.

Steve and Wendy got us pillow cases and Julia was really excited to use them right away.

Everyone got kisses in their stockings. Julia wanted to eat one, but before she ate it she said she had to read a scripture first (because we used kisses in our advent calendar and we always read a scripture before we ate the candy.) So grandpa read her from Luke on his iPad.

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