Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some fun with the Wheats

Just a few more random pictures of our time over Christmas with the Wheats. Above, Julia and I also went sledding together a few times (down a very small hill).

Mostly I did a lot of snowshoeing. I was really proud of myself for going for a walk every day we were there. The trend didn't last long after we left Park City though.
Robert and I enjoy a sunset. Do I even look pregnant under all those layers?
We still did a lot of snowmobiling even though the snow level was pitiful. Still, there was just enough snow that we could. We were probably one of the few people who had a white Christmas this year.Here's a couple videos of the snowmobiling. We had fun making this one of Kevin and Ellen's close call on the snowmobile.

In case you're wondering what was going on, it's made with an iphone app.

Robert has been wanting to come down this steep hill with the snowmobile every year, so finally he did it this year. This is actually video of his second time down. He got a little cocky and went faster the second time, resulting in decreased steering ability and he ended up going through a bunch of branches and scratching his nose rather than staying on the path from the first time because he couldn't turn in time.

Would you have even been able to tell something was slightly amiss if you hadn't just read it?
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