Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Temple Lights

This Christmas we went to see the Christmas lights at three different temples. I already posted about Washington D.C., so here are Los Angeles and Salt Lake.

We went with Steve and Wendy and family to hear a Bell Choir performance at the Los Angeles Temple Visitor's center and then saw the lights (It was our first time hearing a Bell Choir so that was pretty neat too.)
We were only in LA for a few days and then we went to Utah. After Christmas with the Wheat family we spent a week with my family. Robert and I got to do a session in the Salt Lake Temple, and then we waited for the rest of my family to join us with Julia.

So here's me alone while we waited for my family.
Then my parents and a bunch of cousins and aunts showed up and we saw the rest of temple square together.
Then to warm up we went to the Church History Museum across from temple square and Julia had fun in the new(ish) children s discovery area.

Playing in the play kitchen.
Knocking down the prison walls?
Fishing on the boat on the way to the promised land.
Poor Julia will never be mistaken as a Mexican even though she actually is 1/4 Mexican.

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