Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little more Christmas and New Year's Eve

Since we went to the Sandberg's house the day after Christmas they just waited for us to exchange gifts.
My sister-in-law Ashley just had surgery so we all went over to their house to celebrate Christmas with her. She wasn't up to taking any pictures so we didn't take any pictures of the in-laws.

For New Year's Eve my parent's had a lot of family members over for a party at their house to celebrate New Years East Coast time so Robert and I wouldn't be up too late and could catch our flight back home the next day. We had a pinata for the little kids. I love seeing Julia's changing reactions to the pinata's throughout the years. This time, the first candy that fell out Julia picked up and put back in the pinata =).
Julia made it to about 9:20 pm and then asked to go to bed. We ended up staying past midnight anyways playing games.

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