Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tracy Aviary

One Friday in back in May, Tracy Aviary had a free day for families of students and employees of Head Start, and since my Mom works for Head Start we thought it would be a fun outing to take the kids. I've only been there once on a field trip when I was in elementary and all I remember was one little building with birds. I'm guessing my memory is a little hazy and there really was a little more there, but it also looks like they have done a lot of expanding recently. It is almost like a little zoo, but full of birds, of course! We spent an enjoyable two hours there.

The best looking birds

The peacocks have free roam of the place so you will find them hanging out all over.

 More peacock sightings

 It was so cool to see all these pelicans together. They are just such cool large birds.  Actually, I enjoyed seeing all the large birds they had, such as the condors and eagles as well.

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