Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zion- Riverside Walk/Temple of Sinawava

We went on this hike last year, but we did it when most of the adults were gone doing The Subway, so we went again so everyone could do this hike. It is one of the easiest to do with the kids, and also is the start of The Narrows, so it was very busy. In fact, that weekend broke attendance records at Zion so it was really busy. We walked to the end of the trail to where The Narrows trail starts, and stopped at the water crossing. Not doing that with little kids.

Unloading the kids.
Micah fell asleep.

We let the kids play in the river at the end of the trail before we headed back. Julia did much better with
hiking this year. I tried to get her excited over the past few months, telling when we went on walks at home that we were getting ready for all the hiking we were going to do at Zion with Tyler.

These two had a blast together, hanging out and doing whatever they wanted to do for most of the trip.

David Wheat family.

My parents and brother Michael also came and spent a night. My Dad sat next to Micah while he slept.

And then when we were almost ready to leave Micah woke up.

Julia was done taking pictures, and Camden stayed at the campground with my Mom, so it was just Micah in our family picture. Well, actually, I wanted a picture with just Robert and I, but Micah was still waking up and didn't want to leave us.

Here's my picture with just the two of us. But, you can see the top of Micah's head because we just set him down on the rock. I decided not to crop him out ;).

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