Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zion- Sunset and Night Pictures

One evening at after a hot day at Zion we rode the tram up the caynon a bit and everyone but Robert and Kevin went for an easy hike/walk back to the museum. Robert and Kevin brought their bikes and stopped at one of the bridges to take sunset and night pictures. Only, I guess I was the only one who knew they were taking night pictures as well, everyone else thought they were just taking sunset pictures. I went to bed when the kids went to bed and the rest of the family started to worry when Robert and Kevin weren't back after it got dark. The purpose of the bikes was so they could stay as long as they wanted without having to worry about catching the last tram back. I think they ended up coming back around 11:00 pm, which was actually earlier than I was expecting, but much later than everyone else thought.

Some of Robert's pictures from the evening. I'm not sure if he means to edit these in some cool way, but here are the normal pictures since it may be a year until he gets around to that.

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