Monday, June 16, 2014

Zion- Canyon Overlook Trail

This was actually the last hike we did, on the last evening we were there. Almost everyone else had left and since it was so hot that day (in the 90s) we didn't go anywhere but into to town to get ice cream during the day. It was much nicer to sit around in the shade than go hiking in the hot sun! But as the sun was setting Robert and I took our kids for a drive through the long Zion- Mt. Carmel Tunnel and stopped at the other side of the tunnel to do the Canyon Overlook Trail. The description seemed tame enough, a .5 mile trail to a canyon overlook, steep drop offs, but mostly covered by fences.

In hindsight the keyword there was mostly. There were some steep drop offs covered by fences, but there were also some parts that were a bit nerve wrecking with small kids. I don't think I would recommend this hike to anyone with kids under 12, they just aren't responsible enough to take it slow and watch their steps and one misstep on some of the spots could lead to serious harm. After we started though, we figured it was short enough that I would just hold Julia's hand the whole and take it slow. And Julia was very well behaved and listened really well. She didn't take one step without holding my hand.

The view we were looking at

Camden and Micah were no problem in their carriers.

This is actually less scary than it looks, there is sand at the bottom of the picture that you can just barely see.

It was a beautiful hike, just slow going for us.

And suddenly you come over a hill and you're there!

Definitely a great view. You can see the road winding up to the tunnel.

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