Saturday, June 07, 2014

Wheat Family Reunion in Zion National Park

Robert's family (his parents, siblings, and an uncle and family) had a Wheat family reunion at Zion National Park over Memorial Day. We went there last year for our reunion as well, but we felt like we still had a lot of things we did not get to do, so we decided to go to the same place again this year. 

These pictures are all about us at the campsite, there will be more posts about our hikes and bike rides. We reserved our campsites six months in advance, minutes after they became available for reservation.

It is always fun to see the cousins playing together, Nathan and Micah are four months apart.

We just let the kids roam free at the campsite and they got plenty dirty!

Jen brought all the stuff for the kids to do tie-dye. The love their shirts that they "colored."

While camping, even at a national park, there should be plenty of relaxing.

 I kind of missed this, but I think what was going on was Tyler was doing a bike parade ?

Dave and Jen's turn to make dinner. Jen sliced her finger open, hence the big bandage around her finger.

So handsome with a baby.

They were all sitting eating their dinner, but Nate got up before I could take a picture.

S'more selfie

The view behind our campsite. It was the best campsite in the campground, with no neighbors behind us, just  a beautiful mountain.

Stay tuned for the hikes and bikes posts.
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