Friday, April 23, 2010

Club 33

aka Happy Birthday Julia, aka My New Most Embarrassing Moment
On Julia's actual birthday, April 12, we went to Disneyland (again)! This time we went with Robert's family and Jen got us reservations to Club 33, the really fancy semi-hidden, members and their guests only restaurant in Disneyland marked only by the the small "33" sign next to the door. The food is expensive, but you also get into the park free when you have reservations, so, it all evens out to almost a free fancy meal. Definitely one of the fanciest places Julia has ever been.

(Julia was all decked out Disney style)
While I was finishing my meal and Julia was hanging out in her high chair I looked down and saw a green puddle of mush under her high chair. "Great," I thought, "Julia spit up on the floor." I decided to let it wait until I finished my meal. Then I saw Julia making the I'm-going-to-the-bathroom face and smelled something stinky. "Well, I guess I better go change her before other people start to notice the smell." Then I notice another green puddle on the floor.
Odd, I hadn't seen Julia spit up...I got up and walked behind her to pick her up out of her highchair. I was shocked to see what I thought was spit-up was actually poop! Poop all over her back, all over the back of the high chair, and all over the floor at Club 33. Poop! Did I mention this was the nicest place we've ever taken Julia, and she decides it's a good place to POOP ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

"Oh my gosh!" I quietly whispered to Robert, "Julia just pooped all over the place" Robert got up and assessed the situation. We frantically searched for napkins to wipe her off enough to get her out of the high chair. Of course, this being a fancy restaurant, all the napkins are clothe. Woody had paid a visit to the restrooms earlier (because they're so nice, you just have to check them out) and had taken some Club 33 logo paper towels as a souvenir, so he forked them over to us and I wiped Julia off. A waiter walked by and Robert said, "Uhh, we're going to need some clean up help over here." Poor waiter, I don't think he had any idea what he was getting into. When they took away the high chair they said they were going to take it out back and hose it off.

I picked up Julia, held her out in front of me, and made a beeline for the bathroom. I could hear gasps from Robert's family as we passed the length of the table and they got a glimpse of Julia's backside. Robert's mom followed me into the bathroom and we stripped Julia in the fancy bathroom sink and gave her an impromptu bath.

The waiters were so nice, they never even mentioned it after I sheepishly brought Julia back to the eating area. (Luckily we were in a fairly small room, so there were only two other groups there when I took Julia to the bathroom...none when we came back.) And the waiters were so nice as to bring Julia a birthday cake!

One of the waiters asked if this was going to be a "traditional give the cake to the baby" first birthday and I said, "NO WAY!"

Julia examines her cake (notice, no more Disney apparel):

Also, here are a few funny photos of the adults having fun:

Lauren will never go on that ride again.This was the last ride of the night. Woody was so exhausted he just fell asleep, and Robert was obviously 'pooped' as well.
Love you Julia! You are truly one of a kind.
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