Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, I warned you I was behind.

My family was here for Easter and I also invited my cousin Katrina and her family up from San Diego to celebrate Easter and Julia's birthday. We dyed eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, and had a birthday cake for Julia (a week early, but it's fitting since she was born on Easter last year).Here's Julia prepping for the Easter egg hunt. You'll notice she ended up wearing a completely different outfit for the actual hunt:We had two sections for our hunt. The patio area of our backyard was for the little kids, Ali and Julia. Julia was more interested in picking up the bark than the eggs, but Ali got the concept and was nice enough to fill up Julia's Easter basket for her. Julia was just really excited to be able to walk around outside. The rest of the yard was for the big "kids" meaning everyone else who didn't hide the eggs. My mom originally went out and hid the eggs, but Robert walked by and said they were all hidden way to easy to find, so he went and re-hid half the eggs. After the hunt he had to go back and retrieve the ones no one could find. We also had a pinata, but ended up running out of time to hit it. We decided to just wait until Julia's real birthday and hit it with Robert's family.
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