Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Baby (Food) Making

With Julia I was never too interested in making my own baby food. Why make more work for myself when I can just pop open a container of baby food and be done? Sure, it was a little more expensive, but soon she would be eating table food and then we would be able to stop buying baby food.

Enter Micah.

Maybe it's a boy thing, but I swear Micah eats as much as Julia now, only in pureed form. All his baby food was killing my grocery budget and fresh fruit and veggies in Southern California are much cheaper than baby food. I can buy a pound of carrots for the same price as two little containers of baby food. So, despite the extra work it would create, I finally caved and started making my own baby food for Micah.

The first time I spent the entire day making baby food. Supposedly it was only suppose to take me an hour, but between stopping to feed kids etc etc. it took me forever and the kids were super bored all day and my kitchen was a mess. So, from then on I always just do one batch a day, and not even every day. People say you can just give the baby some of the food everyone else is eating, but mushed or pureed. But looking at all the stuff we ate there was hardly anything natural enough that I would want to feed it to a baby. So this has actually made the rest of us eat healthier because we added more fresh fruits and veggies to our diet from the stuff I am going to make for Micah. 

I just use my normal blender that I have had since before we got married. It works fine as long as I only fill it up about half way and leave it on a couple minutes to get everything nice and pureed. Then I pour the food into ice cube trays and freeze them. When they are solid I take them out, run the bottoms under hot water to loosen it, then break them out of the tray onto a cutting board. Then I put them in labelled ziplock bags and put them back in the freezer. 

Micah usually eats three to four ice cubes per meal. The food is actually pretty good, I would eat it, its nice and fresh. Micah doesn't seem to prefer store bought or fresh though, he eats it all. 

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