Monday, January 14, 2013

Ramiro Christmas Eve Celebration

Every year my mom's family, the Ramiro's, get together at a church on Christmas Eve and have a big party.

Julia (and I) started the evening by getting haircuts before we left Saratoga Springs. This was Julia's first real haircut even though she still doesn't have very long hair. We just needed it be a little more even all around.

We had a big dinner.

Micah got passed around between my grandma and all my aunts and loved it. Maybe he thought there was something familiar about them? I seriously hardly saw him all evening after everyone ate their dinner. And Julia. It was kind of nice...

We had a pinata


With plenty of candy for everyone. I was in charge of the candy that we didn't put inside the pinata in case the little kids didn't get enough. It was fun to toss the candy right at their feet and watch them light up and scramble to pick it all up.

Julia gets a ride in the broken shell of the pinata.
Then we sang Christmas songs, and who should appear but the jolly old man himself, Santa Clause!

Santa knew exactly what Julia would like, a pots and pans set for her toy kitchen and some new slippers.

Then everyone got a chance to visit with Santa. I was sporadically wearing Julia's hair bow whenever she would take it out.

And we said goodbye and took family pictures.

They had a birthday cake for a friends birthday and they let Julia eat the big pink bow that was on top of it. 
She was not a huge fan of how it tasted.

Then, we danced! Well, a few people danced. Julia literary chased down my youngest cousin, Corey, to get him to dance with her.

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