Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Julia at the Dentist

Julia had a dentist appointment today. It was her third dentist cleaning ever. The first time she did great. The second time she did okay until she starting thinking it was fun to gently bite the dentist every time she tried to put her fingers in Julia's mouth. That visit was more of an uncooperative visit. So this time I wondered how she would do.

I guess she has matured a little more now because she was the perfect little patient. She loved chatting with the dental hygienist, was very cooperative, and wasn't afraid of all the things getting poked into her mouth.

The dentist was a counselor in our bishopric when Julia was born and when he came in he said he couldn't believe she was already old enough to be seeing the dentist. He also said her teeth are very close together because she has a narrow bite so her teeth don't have a lot of room, so she may need orthodontic work after her adult teeth come in. It all depends on how they come in. This doesn't surprise me because I had the exact same thing, big teeth and a little mouth, and I had to have extensive work done.

Also, they said Julia had no cavities. Good brushing Julia!

Afterwards we went to McDonalds for ice cream and playing at the play place because she had done such a good job. Julia liked that so much she asked when she could go to the dentist again!

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