Sunday, January 13, 2013

Micah 9 Months

Right before we left for Christmas break Micah had his 9 mo. checkup. He proves once again that he is petite, coming in under the 10th percentile for both height and weight. Since he is proportional however, the doctor wasn't too worried. On my part, I wonder just who the baby clothes companies are basing their clothing sizes on because even my tiny 9 month old has outgrown some of his 9 month old clothes and fits well into some of his 12 month clothes.

Height: 27 in. (7th percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs (3rd percentile)
Head:17.5 in. (21st percentile)

Micah learned to crawl near the beginning of December and has been a super mobile little explorer ever since. He loves to crawl with his fists clenched, which reminds me of a little gorilla walking around. He can pull himself up to stand and a few times and he has even balanced on his own for a second or two without realizing it. He is not so good about watching where he is going however and will often conk his head on something in his excitement to get there. Lately he always seems to have some scratch or bump on his head from his exploring. And over Christmas at the Holiday cabin he also learned how to climb the stairs.
He still loves to put everything in his mouth when we're not watching. He is doing a little better eating his fruits, but he still likes veggies more.

I was afraid that he might get clingy to me on this trip like Julia did at the same age, but he was pretty good. He did prefer me when I was in the same room and would cry out for me if he saw me passing through a room he was playing in with others, but for the most part he let other people hold him. You can also tell he loves the rest of his family too, Robert and Julia. Micah is usually interested in seeing what Robert is all about when he comes home from work, and he get's so excited to see Julia first thing in the morning. You can almost hear him say, "Oh boy, it's Julia! Now it's time for fun!"

It's fun to see his little personality coming out. He is pretty easy going and does well entertaining himself (by getting into trouble!), but he has a little temper that is cute- for now. 
His favorite game to play is knocking things over or throwing things down onto the floor. You can bet if you put him down anywhere in the vicinity of the bathroom he will make a beeline to the bathtub and knock over all the cups, toys, or shampoo bottles he can reach. He also loves to throw things off the edge of his high chair and watch if anyone will come pick it up for him. If someone doesn't, he'll yell and complain until we do come. Once he gets the object back he will immediately toss it right back over the edge again.

No new teeth to report yet, just his bottom two teeth that came in at the end of October. I think I'll also throw in here that everyone always tells me he has beautiful eyes, but I love his cute little nose the best!

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