Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Morning

 We spent our Christmas at my parent's home in Saratoga Springs. Now that we have kids Christmas mornings are a little more fun again seeing the how excited they get for Santa Clause. Well, how excited Julia gets for Santa Clause. Micah was very excited and intrigued with everything going on, but he of course, had no idea

Julia and Micah check out what they got, and we start getting out Julia's tea set. We had asked her what she wanted for Christmas months ago and she just kept adding to her list of what she wanted: a doll, a tea set, a hula hoop, and a jump rope. We told her she had to choose just one thing to ask for Christmas and she chose the tea set. She was just expecting a tea seat and was surprised to see a few more gifts she had asked for.

Micah didn't care what he got, he was happy with everything.

 Eating breakfast with our giant new mugs.

 Julia let Micah help her open a present.

Funny thing about this present. Julia was so excited to open the present that she picked up the box and the stuffed dog fell out without her noticing. So she got it all unwrapped and found nothing inside. "A box!" she exclaimed happily. Then we told her to look around for the present on the floor. She loves her new puppy!

 Micah was pretty excited to open presents.

A little too excited.

 My brothers and Dad playing with their new toys.

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