Thursday, January 24, 2013


Julia spend considerable more time outside over Christmas break this year than she did last year. Last year she loved it for ten minute intervals. This year she could stay outside playing for hours. The cold almost never bothered her (except when her glove would come off), and I'm gonna go ahead and take some credit here for bundling her up every time she wanted to go outside. 

Which was a lot.

Pretty much anytime she could convince someone to go outside with her she would go. And then I would have to find her two layers of pants, three layers of socks, two shirts, her black snow pants (so Micah can wear them when he's three, otherwise I'm sure she would have chosen pink), her pink princess hat, her pink boots, her pink gloves, her purple coat, her rainbow scarf, and some hotties hand warmers. Sounds warm enough right? 

There were a lot of girl family members (Kent's family) up there this year and Julia had a blast with them. They were all older than her, but they did a great job helping her keep up with them and feel involved. She went "extreme sledding" with them a couple times. Extreme sledding is sledding down the snow covered road for a long time. The Holiday girls named it that the year before when the road was basically ice, so according to them it was pretty extreme. This year it was long, but the snow was oh so powdery, so it's was a safe speed for Julia to go down.

Here is a video of the Holiday girls racing down the hill.

The first time she went out without me and sled a little bit, but mostly just rode the snowmobile with Robert and brought the other girls up the hill.

The next time I left Micah with Grandma Wheat and went out with Julia. I went down the hill with her and we made it halfway down before Julia started asking to stop. So after a while longer we stopped when Julia started crying and waited for Robert to come get Julia on the snowmobile while I finished going down the hill.  Then we all got back on the two snowmobiles driven by Robert and his Dad. Well, all the girls got on the snowmobile with his Dad because he had the sled for some of them to ride in.
Julia said she wanted to go again, so on the next time down the hill I told Julia to just tell me whenever she wanted to stop and we could stop. We went about 1/3 the way down and Julia asked to stop. So we stopped.

I made us a little bench out of our sled and snow and we made snow angels and watched the other sledders go down, and get pulled back up. Then Julia was ready to keep going, so we started going down another 1/3 of the way, stopped again, made another bench, watched the sledders go by again, made snow angels again, then continued on our way to the end.

At the end we sat and waited for the sledders to come back down, so we burned time by taking pictures. Julia was tired by then and didn't want me to take her picture. As I tried to take her picture she knocked the phone out of my hands, but not before I got her picture. Time to go back to the cabin and take a nap!

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