Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bryce Canyon, Mossy Cave, Sandberg Ranch

A few pictures from after the Wheat Family Reunion. David and Jen came with us to Bryce Canyon before they headed home.

 Micah back at the Ranch trying to get used to walking on ground that is not level.
 After David and Jen left we had a day to ourselves before my family arrived, so we went on a little hike to Mossy Cave.

 Last time Robert went to Mossy cave he went with my cousins and not me. When he got back I asked him if the cave was mossy and he said, "what cave?" So this time we took the other path away from the waterfall so he could see where the trail gets it's name. Here they are in the mossy cave.

 Afterwards we stopped at the park in Tropic to eat lunch and play before heading back to the Ranch.

The Old Ranch House

Julia enjoys the tire swing

Micah had plenty of admirers once my family got there. It was Memorial Day weekend so there were quite a few people who had decided to come down to the Ranch for the weekend.

On Saturday night we were sitting by the campfire and saw these stars appear on the horizon as the sun set. We remarked that is seemed a little unusual to have three bright stars in a triangle like that, and that maybe they were planets. Turns out we were right. Reah came down to the fire, heard our conversation and told us she had heard on the news about a rare planet alignment that weekend. Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury were all lined up in the tightest triangle until 2026.

 Also on Saturday some of us drove up to Otter Creek for the afternoon so the boys could go fishing. We just hung out by the water for a while. It was so windy I couldn't decide if the kids needed jackets or not, so here Micah has on his jacket and Julia is wearing a t-shirt.

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