Thursday, August 08, 2013

Memorial Day

The weekend after the Wheat Family Reunion we went to the Sandberg Ranch and spent some time with some of my family. We left the day before Memorial Day to beat the traffic heading home, but we stopped at the Spry Cemetery outside of Panguitch where my grandparents and many of my Dad's mother's ancestors are buried.

Julia with her namesake, Julia A. Orton Lefevre.

My grandparents. You may not be able to tell, but I was trying to keep them both from climbing up on the tombstone here.

It may be a small, isolated cemetery, but it sure has a view. It's so isolated in fact that we almost couldn't find it because there are no signs off the main road to guide you on which random dirt road to take. We turned up the wrong road once, then I took out my phone and squinted at a map of the area on google satellite view  for something that might look like a cemetery. I found something that looked like it had rows of tiny tombstones, and it was!

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