Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Zion: Wheat Family Olympics

Somehow we managed to do the entire Wheat Family Olympics at the Wheat Family Reunion without taking any pictures, at least on my part. I blame it on the fact that I put together all the events so I was too busy explaining each event to think about taking pictures. But, happy day, we did get some video!

Before the reunion Julia and Robert helped me make Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals (made out of salt dough) for our events, and Julia is here modeling some before we left.

We did five events that were mostly all based off Minute To Win It type games and just did them all one right after another on Monday morning. I think I remember who won each event, but if I got it wrong I apologize: Paper Airplane Flying Contest (Jess), Three-Legged Race (Rob/Mel), Dutch Oven Stew (Kevin), Face the Cookie (Ellen), and This Blows (Kevin).

Here is some of the video we captured from the Three Legged Race and This Blows:

Three Legged Race: The Couples

Three Legged Race: Grandkids and Grandparents

This Blows

We counted up scores for Bronze, Silver, and Gold for each event and awarded an Overall Winning Couple, who got the lucky prize of knock off Hostess fruit pies because that's what snack I happened to have. The winners were...Kevin and Ellen! By a long shot! Here are the back of their medals with what events they won.

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