Friday, August 16, 2013

I Feel A Cold Coming On...

This week has been rough because Micah was sick and is getting four new premolars. Two have come out, two I can feel are almost there. So he has been grumpy during the day and grumpy at night, which for me means not much time to get things done during the day and not much sleep at night. And now, of course, I feel like I'm getting sick now too because I have caught every cold the kids have gotten during this pregnancy. I miss my old immune system!

But despite the rough week there is no denying I am nesting and have this urge to be getting things done around the house. I bought newborn diapers this week and started upping our baby proofing since Micah is getting into everything and I won't have as much time to clean up after him soon. For example, Micah loves to take the remotes from the T.V. stand and leave them all over the place, so yesterday I velcroed a container onto the back of the T.V. where we can store our remotes out of Micah's reach.
I also made Thank You baggies for the nurses in the hospital.

And have been slowly turning our guest room/office into Julia's room. She's been sleeping in there for the past five months or so but it's been a slow transition to turn it into a little girls room. Last week when Robert's brother, Kevin, and Dad were out here they moved the dresser into her room so now she finally has her own clothes in her room and it's starting to feel more like her room. Or for me, like my room when I was little since she has my dresser, my dolls, and my bookshelf from when I was a little girl.

Now I've moved all Micah's clothes into Julia's previous small dresser, and next week I'll hopefully be getting newborn clothes out to move into Micah's old dresser.

Her bows, which used to be kept in a basket, were getting out of control so I made a little shelf/bow holder to have them neatly organized.

Random Julia story: Three teachers from primary have come up to me and told me how cute Julia was in primary a couple weeks ago. They asked if anyone knew the second article of faith, no one got it. So they gave the kids a hint by saying it has the word transgression in it. Julia's hand shot up and she got up and recited the whole thing for everyone. They were all very impressed. I bet Julia was just happy to be called up. She tells me every week that she raised her hand to go share her story in sharing time about how the Holy Ghost has helped her, but she just "couldn't raise it high enough." (I tried to explain to her they probably won't call on her if she isn't being reverent). The story she wants to tell is that one time she was at the ranch and there was thunder and lightening and she was scared, but then the Holy Ghost helped her not to be scared anymore.

A few random pictures of the last couple weeks:
 Micah throws a tantrum on the floor of the ob/gyn's office. Pretty typical behavior for this week.

Kevin helped us wash the car. Julia and Micah loved it.

Julia was so intent on her coloring at the Kids Club event at the mall that she was one of the last three to leave. The table used to be packed with kids all coloring.
 Her coloring.
 We had our last movies in the park night for the summer. Micah thought it was a perfect time to wrestle with Julia. What a boy.

He also learned to open these kinds of doors. More baby proofing needed here since this is the kind of handle on the bathroom door and Micah loves go in and to flush the toilet and get into all the drawers. So we usually just keep the door to the bathroom closed...

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