Monday, August 05, 2013

Micah 15.6 Months Stats

Micah at just past 15 months, 15.6 to be exact:

Height: 30 in., 8th percentile
Weight: 20.12 lbs, 12th percentile
Head Circ.: 18.25, 33rd percentile

Micah is now known as Micah the Destroyer around here. He loves to get into everything around the house. It's a little hard for friends to believe because when he's out of his comfort zone he tends to just sit quietly on my lap, but at home it is a whole different story. Some messes he loves to get into are pulling books off shelves, pulling things out of the cupboard, breaking sunglasses, and coloring on anything from books to toys to the wall if he happens to find a stray crayon laying around. Also, he is very in his comfort zone at the grocery store as long as no one is talking directly to him because he won't sit in the cart and if I put him down he immediately starts pulling anything he can get his hands on off the shelves. Let's just call him a very busy boy.
He can also be very sweet and smart. Today he spit up on the couch while I was in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch, so he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a hand towel and went to clean it up by himself. What sixteen month old does that?? He is learning to follow directions, wave goodbye, and give kisses (to me mostly). He can say Uh-oh (his favorite word, he says it anytime something falls on the floor), done, and Dada. Just this week he said Mama a couple times after I was helping Julia sound out how to spell mommy. We were saying it slowly over and over again and Micah was listening and started repeating along with us. He is also learning how to use a spoon and loves it. I've seen a lot of improvement in his coordination with it since he started and he is always excited when I give him something that requires using a spoon (most often yogurt or cottage cheese)

He got a little shiner on his eye last week after he stood up on Julia's toddler bed, then fell over and hit the headboard. Kind of looked like he was wearing purple eye shadow. 

Really just a happy little man at this stage (don't let this picture fool you, he was happy, just focused on watching the crowd at Movies in the Park Night.) and best described again as busy.


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