Sunday, May 11, 2014


 Easter, like each of the major holidays, was a week long event.

During the week we dyed Easter eggs at home.

Julia had a little Easter party at school. I missed most of it because I was out doing errands that took longer than expected, but I did manage to be there for the tail end of it. Here she is with her Easter basket they made in school.

All sitting in a circle waiting to exchange treats.

On Saturday we went to the Easter egg hunt at the city park. I know a lot of families avoid these because it can get crazy, but it really wasn't that chaotic. They had enough space to separate all the ages so Robert went with Micah and I went with Julia. I told Julia the secret is to run past all the kids at the front when they say go and go straight for the middle of the field. Well, she followed my advice and had the middle of the field all to herself for a couple seconds, then she realized I hadn't followed her out to the middle of the field (I wasn't about to run over any kids) so she ran back to the front where I was. Of course by then all the kids had picked up all the candy and eggs at the front and by the time we made it back to the middle of the field again it was almost all gone. So Julia cried because she only got a few eggs and candy. 

 Micah got a sucker and could care less about what else was going on around him.

 Having fun on the playground. When does winter end in Utah?

The next day they got a church board book, and some stickers in their Easter baskets. Julia also got an "I Am a Child of God" necklace and Micah and Camden got new ties. After church we had an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn for just the kids at our house: Julia, Micah, and Daniel ;). This time they got plenty of eggs..and candy. Next year I'm putting coins in the Easter eggs instead of candy.

These were taken around the same time so I'll just throw them in here too since Camden didn't in very many Easter pictures.

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