Sunday, May 11, 2014

Micah's First Haircut

Micah has fine hair so I felt like he didn't have too much hair, but he was starting to get a little bit of a mullet in the back, that curled up like Robert's hair gets curly when long. So I figured it was time for his first haircut. 

I took him to a kid's hair salon because I wasn't sure how well he would sit still. Julia also got her hair cut and she went first. She chose to sit in a pink car. Micah was really excited to be able to sit in the blue car.

Afterwards I looked at all the hair on the floor and realized Micah really did have a lot of hair to cut off.

He was content to just sit and watch Little Einsteins on the TV and let the stylist do his thing.

 Afterwards they got balloons, which they were really excited about as well.

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