Monday, May 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Point: Dinosaur Museum and Farm

Chris and Reah ran the Tulip Festival 5K at Thanksgiving Point a couple weeks ago. They were given All Access Passes in their swag bags to the Natural History Museum, Farm, and Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. But the passes were only good during the week for the week right after the race, so Chris and Reah gave us their passes because they wouldn't be able to go before the passes expired. Yay, score for us! Thanks Chris and Reah!

I think the kids liked the excavation pit (aka giant sandbox) most at the "Dinosaur Museum." Julia got the idea they you had to unearth the bones and was excited to do so. Micah just liked digging in the sand. Either way, they both had fun.

My Mom was able to get off work early and join us.

They also liked the Erosion table (aka giant sand table with water). I don't think either of them got the concept that they were suppose to watch as the water eroded their creations, but fun nevertheless.

They had some BIG dinosaurs!

Then we headed over to the farm area.

We went on a wagon ride. Micah liked the tractor that pulled us.

She had fun, trust me.

Julia liked the pony ride. Micah told me he wanted to do it, but then when we stood next to the pony and I tried to put him on the pony he wouldn't get on. So we just watched Julia.

Up next, the Tulip Festival. Since I took so many pictures there that will have to be it's own post.

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