Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Six Months Camden

We took the chance at the wedding to take some six months pictures of Camden, even though he was almost seven months by then. 

And a week later he had his "six months" stats (really 7 months) 
Date: 5/8/14
Height: 27.75 in 71 %
Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz 86%
Head Cir.: 45.1 cm 81%

At six months Camden is a pro at army crawling. He gets up on his arms and legs and rocks back and forth and then goes back down on his stomach to move anywhere. He prefers army crawling because he can go faster.

Camden loves to open his mouth when he smiles. Its either no smile or mouth wide open.

He loves his siblings and his parents. It has been fun for everyone around the house here to see him grow since we have been living with my parents. Camden also loves hearing Grandma Sandberg sing-songy to him, and he loves when Uncle Richard tickles him. He always smiles when he sees Richard because he knows what is coming.

 Right at six months Camden wasn't sitting up, but by the end of six months he was a pro at sitting.

 He got his two bottom teeth at four months, and went three months with no more teeth. (He just got another one this week at seven months).

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