Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tulip Festival

Our last stop at Thanksgiving Point was the Tulip Festival, which only runs for two weeks during the spring each year. As you can imagine, we took lots of pictures. The lighting was okay when we first got there, but by the time we were leaving it was just perfect so I couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures. So this post is mostly just a tulip photo overload!

A lot of these pictures I tried to get the kids to cooperate for posed shots and of course at the end of a long day they just wanted to do whatever they felt like.

 Micah spilled water all over his jacket and it was too cool to let him go without some kind of jacket, so he is wearing my moms cardigan.

 Best pose with all of them! Lol.

Camden finally woke up at the very end.

 And was not a fan of picture taking.

Big sister makes it a little better.

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