Monday, May 19, 2014

Rhett and Lauren's Wedding

A couple weeks ago we were able to go travel to attend my cousin Rhett's wedding reception. They were married earlier that day in the Brigham City Temple, but since Robert had to work that day we were only able to go to the reception later that night.

We stepped outside at the perfect time to get some evidence pictures.

Camden really likes to pull on necklaces, or hair, or earrings...

He was sad when Jean wouldn't let him pull on the necklace.

 Meanwhile, inside at the reception...

Julia practices her bouquet catching skills

The bouquet actually ended up falling on the floor, so they let Julia have it.

It made her day.

Waiting for the happy couple to come outside before they leave.

Reactions to seeing their car.

Trying to get into their car.

Hugging his sister goodbye.

Waiting for her groom to come open the door for her


And later that night, the kids were super excited not be in bed!

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