Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Micah 2 Year Stats

We found a pediatrician in Utah, and all the kids were due for checkups. Here are Micah's 2 year stats:

Date: 5/8/14
Height: 33.25 in 29%
Weight: 24 lbs 11%
Head Circ. 48 cm. 75%

Micah is not the super smiley baby that he was once, he has definitely become a toddler with a toddler tantrum temperament. I think that just comes with the age. When he is not throwing a tantrum to get what he wants he is still a pretty happy, inquisitive little guy.

They always get really excited when I let them watch a movie. Here they are entranced by some movie. Probably Frozen or Sophia the First.

An outing at the park. Julia was off chasing butterflies...

He loves his little brother and is starting to have fun with him.

Hiding in the bush on one of our walks.

Playing with homemade playdough.

Watching the digger. He loves trucks, probably more than anything else he is really into trucks right now.

Morning snuggles.

Playing at the park. He loves the park. He loves the swings and slides especially. One day I was pushing him and he said, "I want hot dog." I just thought, "hot dog? okay.... You want a hot dog for lunch?" Then I realized he meant underdog. He loves underdogs, but calls them hot dogs.

Brother kisses

 Sibling kisses

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