Sunday, July 12, 2015

Julia's Last Day of Kindergarten

Julia is officially done with kindergarten (and has been for over a month..)! The second to last day of school they had a program in the classroom for all the parents.

I'll just throw this in since I don't know if I put it up anywhere else. Julia drew this a few weeks after we went to Canyonlands. She said it was all the things she saw at Canyonlands: lizards, arches, potholes (the geologic formation on slickrock, not the hole in the road), needles, and mushrooms (again, the geologic formation, not the fungi)

Back to the presentation

Every child was recognized.

WIth her teacher Mrs. Turpin

Singing one of her favorite songs

Before going to school on the last day. Showing off her school backpack.

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