Sunday, July 12, 2015

Little Cottonwood Canyon Hiking- White Pines Trail

This week the kids and I went on two short hikes in Little Cottonwood Canyon. When I say "hiking" with the kids it means we went to the mountains and hiked a little and played a little. The point is not to go far distance, it's to make them enjoy being out in the mountains, and for me to enjoy being out in the mountains.

Tuesday the kids and I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the White Pines Trail. It always surprises me how cool it can be up there when the valley is hot (although this week wasn't too bad with the rain we were getting).

Camden did surprisingly well. I carried him in the backpack on the way up, and once we decided to go back down I let him walk, and he walked all the way back.

 Wildflowers in bloom!

These two keep me on my toes. They are best friends one minute, bitter enemies the next and then right back to friends. They love to egg each other on and love causing mayhem together. They are sure to have a lot of adventures together as they grow up... heaven help us!

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