Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Cottonwood Canyon Hiking- Cecret Lake

Last week we also went in search of more wildflowers by driving up to the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon to Albion Basin. It was beautiful! Wildflowers everywhere. After reaching the end of the road at Alta there is a dirt road that continues up to Albion Basin. We took the road all the way to the end to the Albion Basin Campground and Cecret Lake Trail.

We weren't sure how far we would get with the kids, so with that in mind we headed off.

There were plenty of beautiful flower meadows.

The last little while the trail was a switchback up a steep hillside that made the bowl for the lake at the top. We stopped at the bottom and decided we were so close we could do the climb. And we did, with me carrying Micah most of the way.

 Micah takes a break...from getting carried.

Made it to the lake!

 Relaxing at the top, but not for long. It took us an hour to get that far and it was getting late.

 We saw a moose on the way back down.

Micah wanted to ride in the backpack on the way down, and Camden wanted to walk. So walk he did, and he loved it. Camden is a great little hiker. He always wants to be included in what the big kids are doing, so he loves to walk like everyone else.

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