Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sandberg Reunion: Working on the Roof

This year at the Sandberg Reunion the work project was to get started on re-roofing the old house. It was a pretty major undertaking, so for a lot of the guys this reunion was mostly a work reunion.

Watching as the men work.

 John fell in the hole ;)

So they put him to work

Some of the oldest shingles were from the 1940s.

Cleaning off the back porch.

They had plenty of supervisors.

These girls know how to stop and strike a pose. We were glad to see some of Ron's grandkids there this year.

The second day they started putting plywood up.

And they finally were able to put plywood on the entire roof and reach a stopping point. They will come back another weekend to finish putting down corrugated steel.

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