Sunday, July 05, 2015

Overnight in Park City

We spent a night in Park City with my family last Thursday to kick off the holiday weekend. Robert and I and the kids got there late Thursday and just went to sleep. The next morning some of us went for a trail run. I thought in the first few minutes as we started going up the mountain, "what have I gotten myself into?" I have been running mostly on flat ground so the uphill was a bit of a shock to my leg muscles. After meandering around a little we eventually found a good trail to take us up and it was fun.

 We could see the Park City Ski resort at one point.

 Going up was challenging and fun, but going down was pure fun. Robert and I both PR'd on our 400 meter on the last stretch of our run once we got back onto the pavement. I would do trail running again, for the fun of the downhill.

Then after we had checked out of our condo we walked over to the Park City Resort. We wanted to all ride the lift to the top of the mountain, but Camden was too little to ride. So Robert, my Dad, and two brothers took Camden and went for a hike while the rest of us went with Micah and Julia on the ski lift.

They both loved it! Julia said she just wanted to do this all the time. It was a pretty neat view, especially coming down when you could see the whole valley.

Returning from their hike.

Wildflowers are in bloom in the mountains! I'm torn between wanting to go up to the mountains more to see the wildflowers while they are in bloom and staying at home and finishing up our projects around the house.

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