Sunday, July 12, 2015

Robert Runs a Ragnar

In June Robert was asked if he wanted to join a Ragnar Wasatch Back team with the Holidays because they had an open spot. He agreed and my brother Michael immediately agreed to run with them too in another open spot they had. Also, my Dad had already been planning to run on a team for a while. The week before they ran we went up to Park City for the runners to do a high altitude run.

Giving water to the runners.

At the Holiday cabin we found some friends to play with!

The next week the Holiday's picked up Robert and Michael at our house the day before the race to take them to Logan where they start. I never actually saw Robert running. He ran in the morning in Logan, at night in the mountains, and then early morning near Park City. 

Michael running.
My Dad

I did go up to the finish line to see the whole team run in. Since Robert and Michael were in the first van they were already done so we hung out with them at the finish line until the second van arrived and they all ran in.

Unfortunately two other teams ran in right before them and, instead of running through, stopped and blocked the finish line by taking pictures. Which meant I couldn't get any pictures of our team running in because they were blocked by the other teams.

Taking a picture off to the side of the finish. They finished so early that no one was there to control traffic at the finish. In fact, they had quite a few hiccups from lack of organization because they were ahead of most the teams and were the guinea pigs for finding problem spots.

Where everyone was suppose to go to take their finisher picture.

Wildflowers at the cabin!

We also went back to see my Dad finish a few hours later. It was very busy at the finish line by then and there was a lot of traffic. We were glad to hear that next year they are cutting the amount of teams they are allowing by 23%.  My Dad did the hardest leg on the entire race, ten miles of straight uphill, and he said next year someone else gets to do it.

Way to go runners!

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