Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer Happenings

 I can't believe we are already one month into summer break! Some of the things that have kept us busy are:

Squirt guns and kiddie pool play in the backyard. My aunt gave us these adorable mini Adirondack chairs and the kids love them.

 We did a two week session of swimming lessons with some friends. Micah was ready to go up to the next level, Julia is going to stay at the same level a little longer. We then took two weeks off, and are about to start up for another two weeks starting tomorrow.

 Micah is timid around his classmates, but he is not timid about the water.

There is a Wetland Nature Park less than a mile from our home, so one day we went over and fed the ducks. We were the only ones there and these ducks know people usually bring food. They all came quacking right up to us as soon as they saw us. Micah and Julia had fun. Camden was terrified.

Then we walked around one of the ponds to observe nature. We saw a large crane, a heron, and an otter popped up right in front of us!

Stopping for a snack and trying to be quite so we don't scare away the animals.

Camden selfies
 We went to a birthday party for Julia's good friend. They had lots of yummy Indian food!

I gave the boys a bath one day after they were playing outside and this is what the tub looked like after I drained it. Even the boys were surprised how dirty they were. They had looked dusty to me, but apparently they had been dumping dirt onto each other's heads, so both of their hair was full of dirt.

We built a giant blanket fort.

Went for many bike rides.

Micah is really good at his Strider bike now and can balance really well. Robert taught Julia had to ride a bike a couple months ago and she is doing amazing. She picked it up in five minutes. The only problem is she can't quite touch the ground when she is on her bike, so she has a little trouble starting sometimes and will just slow down and jump off to stop.

Park day! It's been really hot the past couple weeks so we haven't been to the park as much as we normally do, but this week should be cooler so hopefully we will get out a little more. We also spend a lot of time in our backyard. We just don't have a fence out there yet so I have to keep a close eye on the little boys so they don't wander away.

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